Karen Rotert


Karen desires to bring joy, encouragement, uplifting, the love of God, and God’s light to everyone that God allows her to meet. Whether you are a new Christian or mature in faith, encouragement is always needed to be able to find and do what God has called you to do. She knows that we all have some down times and need uplifting and her prayer is that through Christ this is what she will bring to you

Karen faces difficult struggles in her life, with multiple sclerosis and the loss of her husband Dec 21, 2014, but God called her to take His ministry as a light, and through Him she is strengthened. Her hope is to be a witness that with God all things are possible and she wants the world to know that it is only through Him that she is able to do what He called her to do. “I can do all things because of Christ.” She desires that others with disabilities or others who say they have nothing to offer or no talent to give that yes you do have them. God gave each of us a purpose, not everyone’s talent or purpose is the same, but it all works together to further the Kingdom of God. Let Karen bring the light of God to you, whether it’s through a concert, bazaar, retreat, conference, banquet, other event or function or just listening to her CD. She wants you to be filled with God’s spirit through her music. I was called by God and through Him you will be blessed.

Learn more at www.karenrotert.weebly.com and www.reverbnation.com/karenrotert

Contact Information:

Phone: (918) 694-6638

Email: karensings2him@gmail.com

Address: 811 S Garfield Ave, Wagoner, OK 74467

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