Kolby & Mary Beth King


Kolby and Mary Beth King are the founders of ThreeThirtyMinistries.org. Together they share the Gospel in a fast-paced way using tools such as ventriloquism, illusions, drama, engaging preaching, fire-eating, humorous illustrations, balloon animals, high-energy songs, stunts with 6-foot balloons and more. Great for worship services, revivals and events for all ages.

Learn more at www.330events.org.

1 Minute Promo Video:

Find more videos at www.330events.org/videos.

Contact Information:

Phone: (405) 326-8197

Email: kolbyking@threethirtyministries.org

Address: P.O. Box 542, Shawnee, OK 74802

Read My Salvation Testimony at MostImportantThing.org.

Resources for Sale:

Find evangelism resources from this ministry at www.330resources.org/evangelism.

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