The Refreshing

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By Evangelist John BJ Hall

The summer had been so harsh. It seemed the trees could not survive another day. Many leaves had already turned brown and fallen to the parched earth. The grass crunched underfoot as one walked. It seemed that one would suffocate by merely taking another breath. Eyes burned as a cutting wind blew dust that apparently came from everywhere and stuck to everything.

It was so hopeless that many felt their only choice was to move as far away as possible and start over. Thus began the Great Dust Bowl.

Had God forsaken them as well as their land? Would this great state ever produce the rich crops of days gone by? There were no ends to the questions as it seemed God poured out His wrath.

Then one day the rain fell softly. At first it was as though mud was falling from the sky. The air was slowly refreshed, as it washed the dust from the leaves. They awakened as the drops formed and soaked into their delicate flesh. One could almost hear a sigh of relief as a gentle breeze blew through the boughs of each tree. The water caressed the parched earth, soothing the cracks that had formed during the long dry season.

The refreshing came, as newness of life, though these same leaves would soon slowly change into the vibrant colors of fall. Such a beautiful site as the flora slowly prepares its patchwork quilt for a long winter’s rest.

There came a time in which I was certain that I could not survive another day. Nevertheless, God, in His love and mercy, saw my parched soul and sent His own tears to first cleanse, then sooth and refresh. Then the breath of His Holy Spirit gave a refreshing, as newness of life. Even as I observed the refreshing, a subtle change was taking place within me.

Yes, my life would change as it always had. Some changes are perceived as harmful and others as uplifting. One’s perspective frequently is the key. I am trying to learn how to look at these changes from God’s perspective. For there seems nothing is more certain than change and change so often leads to conflict.

The colors of my leaves have already begun to change. It seems too soon, yet they are changing still. No wondering why a man’s latter days are more brilliantly colored than that of his youth, for he should be growing closer to the Father and more reflective of His Glory each passing day.

Someday the refreshing will be complete. Someday the Son will come to take me to the Father. There I will find complete rest, joy unspeakable and full of Glory. Until then, I will attempt to reflect the colors of heaven to those who dwell on earth.


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On December 3, 2016

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