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By Evangelist Kevin Morris

On May 19th, 2016, my dad’s heavenly home was completed, and he moved in, no doubt mom was waiting to greet him as she passed in 2005. After the craziness that is planning the service and making arrangements, and tracking down all of the important documents since he was retired military. We then are left with the task of cleaning out the house. To say mom and dad kept everything that we ever did, would be an understatement. Homework from the 3rd grade, a church bulletin when I was a teenager with my name in it, anything and everything that was me, she kept.

You can’t but help pause and reflect on the days gone by. We were the 2nd house on the block, in a brand new neighborhood. As the years went by, and houses went up, we quickly grew to the point we had an official group of rebel rousers patrolling the streets in their various big wheels and tricycles. We did the usual stuff, “cops and robbers,” “cowboys and Indians,” but probably our favorite was playing super heroes. We had the Batman and Robin, Flash, and of course, yours truly was always Superman. I will never forget one of the best gifts ever was the Christmas that mom and dad got me an official Superman costume. Even though the costume had the big “S” on the front, you weren’t Superman until you put on the cape.

All these years later, being a minister in a world looking for answers. Being “THE” prophecy guy in a church of 275 and everyone wanting information on a daily basis. I find myself, if not physically, but still mentally waking up every morning and putting on the cape. I am reminded of one of my favorite passages in Jeremiah.

“Call unto me and I will show you great and mighty things you do not know.” Jer. 33:3

We must remember, we don’t have to wear the cape. We serve a God who doesn’t need a cape, because He knows all, plans all, and implements all. In reality at the end of the day, it’s ok to hang up the cape, and let God be God. We might be surprised at what He will show us if we let Him be God and not a superhero. And that, is my view from the edge.

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On September 11, 2016

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