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By Craig Hobbs

Imagine for a minute your favorite thing is ants;

It may sound quite silly but give it a chance.

Imagine that for ants, anything you would do;

Imagine that ants are the most important thing to you.

Now imagine these ants are out in the road

Carrying their supper back to their abode,

When off in the distance a tractor you see,

But the ants do not see it, no matter your plea.

No matter how you holler, they don’t understand,

But as the tractor approaches, you come up with a plan.

You can become one of them, and then you can try

To get them to look up, so they won’t have to die.

You make them understand what you’re trying to say,

And you tell them to hurry and get out of the way.

But just part of them believe that what you tell them is true,

And you watch the others die because they didn’t follow you.

And it breaks your heart to watch them die

After to convince them so hard you did try.

After going through all this, you saved just a few;

Now think, — Isn’t that just what GOD did for you?

He saw the judgment coming in the distance behind,

But we couldn’t see it, ‘cause we were all blind.

And as it approached, He figured out a plan;

He’d become one of us, so we’d understand.

But very few listened and from the road did leave,

And the tractor’s running over those who didn’t believe.

And GOD’s heart – broken and can’t understand

How he could reach out to help them, and them spit in His hand;

And the tractors still coming; some move and some stay;

And JESUS – heart-broken – pleads, “Get out of the way!”


Copyright 1977 by Rev Craig Hobbs


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