Schedule An Evangelist

(1) Begin with Prayer – Seek the Lord about having an evangelist come to your church.

(2) Seek an Evangelist – Once God has laid upon your heart the desire to invite a Vocational Evangelist to your church, begin contacting several evangelists as soon as possible. Your first contact with an evangelist should include questions about the evangelist’s ministry, call, and recent places of services. You may wish to request a brochure, biographical sheet, or a list of references from the evangelist. The Vocational Evangelist will be open to providing the information you request and the two of you should agree to pray about the possibilities of ministering together in the future. The Vocational Evangelist understands that every request for information does not imply a firm commitment or invitation to minister with a church, therefore one should not be reticent about contacting numerous evangelists before making a final decision.

When you have decided upon which Vocational Evangelist matches the needs and goals of your church, contact the evangelist to discuss possible dates and preparation plans. Many evangelists have full schedules for months in advance; do not be discouraged if the first date requested is not available. Remember that working with an evangelist is a partnership and a partnership requires flexibility, communication and trust.

(3) Set a Plan – Once you’ve decided on the evangelist, make contact to confirm the date and to discuss other specifics such as housing, travel expenses, the honorarium or offering plan and other items to make sure that everyone is clear about all the details.


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