Do You Know The Author?

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By Evangelist John BJ Hall

There once was a neighbor who was incredibly nosey. She would sit in her house and watch the mailman leave mail at her neighbor’s house.

Nearly every day when her neighbor came home from work she watched as the neighbor anxiously opened a letter. The letter was always in the same pretty blue envelope.

Each day her neighbor would open that blue envelope and she would laugh, and laugh. Then suddenly she would cry. Then she would look surprised and invariably she would end in laughter.

The nosey neighbor watched this happen, day after day. One day she decided she just had to know what was in that envelope and who it was from. She watched the mailman close the box, lower the flag and go on his way. Then when he was just out of sight, the lady ran across the street and took out that blue envelope, took it to her house and steamed it open.

She read it and didn’t find anything of interest and it was signed with initials only.

She resealed the envelope and hurried to put it back in the mailbox. She just barely made it back in the house when the neighbor pulled into her garage and immediately went out to the mailbox. Standing there she opened the blue envelope and immediately cried. Then she laughed so hard she almost fell over.

Well, Nosey neighbor couldn’t stand it any longer. She opened her door and marched across the street and demanded to know what was so sad or funny in that letter. She said, “I read that letter and there was nothing worth crying over and certainly nothing even the least bit funny!”

Her neighbor said, “But you don’t know the person who wrote this letter. If you did, you would understand.

  • Scripture’s inner sanctuary opens only to people who know the author.

The Holy Spirit fills out and colors the words in the Book until they become the Word in your heart. Without the leadership of the Holy Spirit you cannot know the Savior and Lord revealed in Scripture. Until you know Him, His love letter to us is a closed book.

People who say, “Nobody can understand the Bible” do not know the author.

  • Christ is the great subject of search and research

In the Old Testament He is desired, foretold, and pictured

In the New Testament, He is shown to be Prophet, Priest, and King

Do you know the Author?

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On October 1, 2016

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